Bike Friendly CommunityCreating a bicycle friendly community is important for advocating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Cycling is also a great activity for families to participate in, so it is crucial that everyone feels safe while riding bikes throughout the community.

To create a more bike friendly community, follow these tips and guidelines.

  • Share the Road: Educate your friends and family on how to properly share the road with cyclists. Be cautious when driving through heavily populated areas and be aware of all bike lanes.
  • Promote Cycling: Encourage cycling in the workplace and school environment. If bike racks are not currently present throughout the community, ask your city’s mayor to begin adding racks into your community.
  • Host Cycling Event: Events are great tools to engage and interact within the community. Contact your local bicycle advocacy groups to get involved and help out with already existing bicycle events by volunteering.
  • Start an Organization: Encourage students to start a bicycle club on campus in order to promote healthy living, as well as bicycle safety throughout the community.

These are some of the ways to promote and create a more bike friendly community. A bike friendly community will increase bicycle enthusiasts and encourage a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle among residents.