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Friedl Richardson
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by Dottie on Friedl Richardson

Krista McCarthy and the team at Friedl Richardson are outstanding. Top notch group and very thorough with all aspects of my case. I cannot speak highly enough about Krista McCarthy as well as Jawana Baxter. I felt supported and assisted at every turn. I highly recommend this law firm for anyone in need of an attorney that will have your back from start to finish. Thank you Krista and Jawana for ALL that you did for my case!

by Joanne Valenzuela on Friedl Richardson
Running Injury Case

I was running and tripped on an uneven sidewalk, which resulted in a severe arm & elbow injury. Tommy Richardson was recommended by a friend, one of his existing clients. Upon meeting Tommy in the week prior to my surgery, he explained every scenario that could happen with my claim, which was important to understand since my claim involved the city. He advised what was expected from me, as far as what documents to save, photos of my injury, and provided time frames on when I was expected to provide them. He was spot on. Tommy was able to negotiate with the city and settle with a lucrative offer. As a first timer, my hope was to just cover my out of pocket medical expenses, however, ended up with a settlement that covered that plus my pain and suffering.
This process was seamless because of the professionalism of Tommy and Jodi Reeves his Paralegal. When Jodi called me to pick up my check, I was unable to get to office due to a scheduled vacation. Jodi lived near me and delivered the check the next day and explained all the details of my case. I recommend this legal team if you ever run into an unfortunate situation. It is worth giving him a call!

by Sherri Wild on Friedl Richardson

As we all know insurance companies are difficult to deal with ...when you are the victim! Krista McCarthy...made it easier to deal with! Friedl Richardson kept in constant communication with me via email and phone...There was very little damage to the car I was in...But my neck injury was severe...My case is over and I’m still going to the chiropractor at my own cost! Krista and Lilyan were very easy to work with and I highly recommend this firm and Krista McCarthy!
Sherri Wild

by Vicki Bouchard on Friedl Richardson
Car Accident Case

I met with Mr. Tommy Richardson about August 15, 2016. I had been in a car accident about three weeks before that, and just didn't know what to do, as Arizona was still relatively new to me. Mr. Richardson listened while I told him what happened. He then presented me with scenarios that might or might not happen in the future of this case. At no time did he imply a positive or negative outcome. However, I left his office that day feeling such a relief! Come what may, I had someone in my corner! I wouldn't have to go through this alone! I felt more relief, more confidence than I had in three weeks!

I was pleased with the end result. I would recommend Tommy Richardson and his team if you have a vehicle accident.

by Cheryl Morrow on Friedl Richardson

My car was hit from behind by an Arizona state SUV. A friend said I should just handle the case myself and cut out the lawyer’s fee. Big mistake! The State adjuster was not going to compensate me any of my pain and suffering. That was when I went to Friedl Richardson Law to represent me. Raechel Barrios was my attorney and she got me a fair settlement.

by Nita Smith on Friedl Richardson

Krista was wonderful. She brought expertise, skill, compassion and integrity to my case. Thank you!

by Terennia Manning on Friedl Richardson
Awesome Personal Injury Lawyers

My experience was amazing. The help received was very caring and fantastic prompt results. The team of Krista McCarthy/Lawyer and Isis/assistant are the best and I feel very lucky that they we're our Lawyers.
If you want a caring amazing Lawyer give Krista McCarthy at Friedl Richardson law firm a call.

by Susan on Friedl Richardson
Recommendation for Raechel

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Raechel, I have had the pleasure of knowing Raechel for the past 3 years, we met through professional contacts and to my great fortune, I now call her friend. Our friendship has developed through the years, she is warm, thoughtful, dependable, the type of person that can be highly respected and admired by her friends and co workers.

Raechel represented my family and I after an unfortunate automobile accident, through the difficult recovery and very trying time in our life, we found extreme comfort in knowing she was representing us. Professionalism at it's best describes Raechel.

While her career has been successful she has managed to maintain a sense of balance in her life. Raechel is dedicated, energetic, positive and conscientious in whatever she undertakes to do. In addition to having first hand knowledge of Raechel's strong work ethic and abilities, I am also familiar with her educational background which could serve as a example to all.

I would strongly recommend Raechel for any position she seeks. I am confident that you will be just as impressed with Raechel as I am.

by Mandy on Friedl Richardson
car accident

Friedl Richardson's is a great attorneys office I was 9 months pregnant actually late when I got hit from behind. The medical bills were very expensive as I was considered a trauma patient and they made sure it was all paid for.

by Leonard Judd on Friedl Richardson
Thank you Tommy!

My son was pushed off the highway by a hit and run driver. We never got the identity of the other driver. My son had hospital bills and quite a bit of pain. We were ready to forget about the case and I called Tommy Richardson just to run the scenario by him. Tommy took the case and found a witness that saw what happened. Tommy used this to make a claim against my own uninsured motorist coverage. My own insurance coverage applied and paid for everything. I would never have known if I hadn’t called Tommy. My family will always use him for any accident.

Leonard J.

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