National Teen Driver Safety Week: Tips for Teens and Parents

According to Allstate Insurance, car crashes caused by teenage drivers are the number one killer of teens in America today, with an estimated 5,000 teenage lives lost each year. This statistic means that one out of every 10 drivers involved in a fatal crash is between the age of 15 and 20.

October 21 to 28, 2018 is the 12th annual National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW). Established by congress in 2007, this year’s theme is “5 to drive”, and it encourages parents to discuss safe driving with their teens by teaching 5 things to remember while behind the wheel.

  • No Cell Phones While Driving
  • No Extra Passengers
  • No Speeding
  • No Alcohol
  • No Driving or Riding Without a Seatbelt

According to a recent survey, 89% of teens said that their parents have the biggest influence on how they drive.[/quotes] If you are a parent or guardian of a teenage driver, here are some tips to communicate the benefits of safe driving:

  • Focus on the positive. Talk about positive behaviors like always wearing a seat-belt and being a good passenger. Most of the deaths in crashes involving young drivers are the young drivers themselves and their passengers.
  • Set limits on your teen’s driving, particularly in high-risk situations such as prom night, social outings and especially in inclement weather.
  • Be a positive role-model. Parents can make a serious impact in lowering the number of crashes and fatalities among teen drivers.
  • Discourage using a cell phone while driving. If a call is important encourage your teen to pull over and make a call if it is urgent. In 2010, 368 teen drivers ages 15 to 19 involved in fatal crashes were distracted, accounting for 13% of all fatal distraction-affected crashes.