10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer (Infographic)

Many people do not fully understand what types of attorneys handle certain types of cases. Some common types of attorneys include bankruptcy, business/corporate, civil rights, criminal defense, employment, environmental, family & divorce, immigration, military, property/real estate, public interest, toxic tort, and personal injury. This list is just to name a handful but there are many more types of specialties.

When it comes to accidents, typically caused by others, a personal injury lawyer is the best choice to hire for representation. Accident victims sometimes avoid using the services of lawyers for reasons of uncertainty, causing many to lose out on money owned to them. Nearly all professional personal injury lawyers provide accident victims "no-cost evaluations" and should be taken advantage of. There is no harm and can provide tremendous insight to potential, if any, outcomes. Since they do not get paid unless a case settles, the value they provide is normally exceptional to the accident victim.

The following are 10 common reasons to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer, followed by an informative infographic:

  • Car Accidents - By far the most common reason to hire a personal injury lawyer. An experienced car accident lawyer will prove valuable to your case. They will know exactly what each specific accident, based on factors, is worth making certain victims are getting what they deserve.
  • Bicycle Accidents - With many added distractions drivers are faced with, bicycle accidents have been on the rise and can cause catastrophic injuries. Bicycle accident attorneys are almost always necessary in these types of cases.
  • Motorcycle Accidents - Even though riding a motorcycle can save time and money compared to larger vehicles, motorcycle accidents can cause a lot of serious injuries to the rider. Drivers, many times, don't see motorcycles on a shared road therefore causing major accidents. To recover fully from these types of accidents a maximum settlement must be accomplished.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents - Property owners have the responsibility to provide a safe environment to customers and visitors. Slip and falling because of a hazard that was neglected may be a reason to hire a slip and fall lawyer.
  • Medical Malpractice - Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. These types of cases can be the most challenging and require special skills to achieve successful results. Many individuals that have had a negative experience related to the medical field believe a case should be opened against the doctor or facility. Most medical malpractice claims do not have the appropriate documentation to justify a lawsuit, but for those that do prove justification need to be handled within the statute of limitations.
  • Dog Bites - Dog owners are fully liable when their dog attacks and injures someone. Dog attacks can cause permanent scaring and damages, especially when it happens to children. Experienced dog bite lawyers know the specific laws to understand how to get the settlement victims deserve.
  • Commercial Truck Accidents - Commercial trucks can weigh up to 40 tons and cause thousands of accidents each year throughout the United States. It is not uncommon when dealing with a commercial truck accident that large corporations will be involved since many times they own the trucks. Lawyers that have experience in these types of cases will prove extremely valuable to truck accident victims.
  • Boating Accidents - Boating accidents can come in all shapes and sizes causing major damages to passengers and vessels. Alcohol related causes for boat accidents are fairly common throughout the United States. During the warmer months, when boating is in high season, accidents will greatly increase due to things like overcrowded waters and operator inexperience.
  • Pedestrian Accidents - Negligent drivers are typically at fault for hitting pedestrians. Vehicles will cause major damage to a pedestrian crossing the street in a crosswalk and those victims will many times have life long injuries. When dealing with a pedestrian accident lawsuit those long-term physical damages have tremendous value to a case. The knowledge a pedestrian accident attorney can provide to a victim will greatly increase the final settlement amount.
  • Work Accidents - It is important to understand your rights for work related injuries no matter which state you live in. Employers have a responsibility to handle work injuries but in extreme cases victims may need to consider hiring a work accident lawyer.

The 10 reasons discussed above just scratch the surface for types of accidents that could require the services of a personal injury lawyer. For victims that are considering to self-represent, knowing some of the tricks insurance companies regularly do should help.