When your kids get on the bus for school, you expect they’ll be safe. But one morning a simple safety measure you might assume is always there, was not. As a result, Kim Bates daughter, Elizabeth, was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street.

After investigating the tragic accident, surveillance showed that when the bus driver pulled over, he didn’t stop traffic by activating the red, flashing lights or extending the stop arm. In fact, video footage also shows cars passing by as students are getting off the bus which should never happen.

When questioned, the Safford School District claimed that Arizona law requires school bus drivers to activate the red lights and stop arm on public roads, not in private neighborhoods. Since then, the family has decided to draft legislation in hopes of closing the loophole, so no family will have to endure pain like this. The driver of the truck that hit Elizabeth wasn’t criminally charged in her death and the bus driver was given a written reprimand and still works for the Stafford School District.