How You Can Help Put an End to Bullying

As October comes to an end, so does National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. You have heard the statistics on bullying but are you becoming involved to help create awareness and help put a stop to bullying? There are several groups local in Arizona that are dedicated to raising awareness about bullying.

The first local organization is called “I Will Not Bully!” This non-profit organization was created by Tamicia Currie, a mother of a child who came home from school one day and admitted to being bullied. This organization provides educational tools and resources for the prevention of bullying. They offer what they call CICTR services also known as Counseling, Intervention, Training and Recreation. Currie designed an easy-to-implement principles-based system that has been proven to foster change. The program is designed to create a greater level of consciousness by changing the way you communicate and with others. The organization puts on events throughout the year that can be found on their website.

Created by Nicole Stanton, Phoenix’s First Lady, the Anti-Bully Summit was held earlier this month. The summit was an event created for Stop Bullying AZ, whose mission is ”focusing on the by-stander and providing them the tools and education they need to empower them to step in or to bring awareness to specific incidents of bullying.” The goal of the summit was to provide education, break out learning sessions, best practices and other information to develop a unified response and system/tools to stop bullying in schools. Their website contains many helpful resources and tools for communities to use to help create awareness on the bullying epidemic.

Educating yourself is the first step in helping put an end to bullying. Are you taking any measures to end put a stop to bullying? Send us a tweet or find us on Facebook - we would love to hear from you!