Prevent Accidents by Reviewing Pool Safety Tips

Now that children are on their summer breaks from school, they are spending their afternoons at pools around the Valley. Pool safety is important for all ages, and Care2′s tips are great to refresh everyone’s memory. Drowning is preventable, so even if your children know how to swim, always keep an eye on them and remind them of pool safety. Accidents can happen as quickly as a blink of the eye, so prevent them by following these tips.

Always Be Sure an Adult is Near the Pool Watching Children

  • Never leave a child unattended in a pool
  • Never allow a child to be alone around a pool without adult supervision
  • Keep a telephone close by the pool area
  • If your children’s friends come over, share safety rules with them
  • Never go inside, even for a second, without having another adult watch over the children

Learn Water Safety Skills In Case of an Accident

  • Make sure your children and any friends of theirs who will be swimming in your pool have taken swimming lessons
  • All adults supervising the pool area should know CPR and have up-to-date certification

Double Check That Your Pool Area Has the Right Equipment

  • Install a fence around that pool that is at least four-feet tall
  • Be aware of your neighbor’s pools in case your children go into their yard
  • Install an alarm around the pool that will alert you if children go near the water

Below is an informative video from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance in conjunction with CPSC.