Tips to Stay Safe Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to bring out the fine linens, holiday pie pans and maybe even the deep fryer. With so many cooks in the kitchen and multiple dishes being prepared, it is important to remember basic kitchen safety this holiday. To make sure that the only company you are surrounded by is family and friends – not the fire department – follow these Thanksgiving safety tips.

  • Make sure that all of your stove burners and the oven are off when they are not being used. Make sure that pot handles are turned inward to avoid being knocked off the stove, causing burns and a mess that nobody wants to clean up.
  • Be cautious of letting younger children help with preparation. Give them manageable tasks that do not involve burners and ovens.
  • Everyone loves to spruce up the holiday table with festive décor. When it comes to the décor, that beautiful centerpiece of candles and fall foliage is a delight to look at but it is also a huge fire hazard. Always make sure that candle flames are kept away from anything flammable.

The popularity of turkey frying is becoming an increasingly popular way to prepare the centerpiece of most thanksgiving meals – the turkey. The U.S. Fire Departments are responding to more than 1,000 fires each year in which a deep fryer is involved. The National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) says, [quotes style="classic" align="center" author=""]deep fryer fires result in more than $15 million in property damage each year and hot oil splatter can cause serious burns to an adult or life threatening injuries to a child.[/quotes]

Here are some important safety tips provided by the Phoenix Fire Department to consider if you do choose to deep fry this holiday season:

  • Turkey fryers should always be used outdoors. Keep your turkey fryer a safe distance from buildings and any flammable materials. Never use a turkey fryer on a wooden deck, in a garage, or in an enclosed area.
  • Make sure the fryers are used on a flat and sturdy surface to reduce and avoid accidental tipping – concrete is ideal.
  • Keep an eye on the fryer and make sure someone is near it at all times. Also, never let children or pets near the fryer when in use; remember that oil can remain hot even after the turkey fryer is turned off.
  • It is very important to make sure that your turkey is completely defrosted and thawed. Never put an unthawed turkey in oil. Water and oil do not mix and if combined, it can cause oil to spill over.
  • If oil does spill, make sure it is cleaned up properly. Oil is very slick and can cause slips and falls.

We hope that our tips help you and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving safely. If you have a question about any of the tips provided above, send us a tweet @FriedlRichrdson.