10 Bicycle Safety Tips for Commuting to Work

Arizona ranks number 19 for America’s "Bicycle Friendly States". Arizona has 10 bicycle friendly communities, 20 bicycle friendly businesses, and 5 bicycle friendly universities.


Read the full report at The League of American Bicyclists

Here is a full report that determined the ranking factor for Arizona:


The U.S. Census Bureau actually studies our commuting habits each year providing helping statistics into infrastructure improvements. Many areas throughout Arizona are so spread out that bicycle commuting remains very difficult, if not nearly impossible, on a daily basis. Since we do have favorable weather for most of the year making the effort to increase our commuting by bike hopefully will become a goal for many more residents throughout the state.

A few cities in the U.S. that show exemplary participation include the following:

  • Davis, CA - 19.1%
  • Madison, WI - 6.2%
  • Portland, OR - 6.1%
  • Philadelphia - 2.3%

The reasons commuters choose to ride their bikes to work may include avoid traffic, reduce their carbon footprint, relieve stress, save money, or to stay in shape. No matter what your reason is always remember to bike safely.

10 tips on how to make the commute to work on your bike obstacle and harm free

  • Think about how far you’re traveling, the amount of traffic, road widths, and the terrain to ensure you arrive to work on time.
  • Drive your selected route beforehand looking for wide roads with less traffic or streets with bike lanes.
  • Avoid major streets if possible.
  • Have your bike tuned and checked at a bike shop before you start commuting.
  • Keep a tire pump, patch kit, and small tool kit with you and know how to repair a flat and fix a chain.
  • Replace your tires when worn and headlight batteries when dim.
  • Pack your briefcase, lunch, clothes, etc. in front or rear racks. These items are available at bike shops. Be sure to secure your cargo.
  • Avoid wearing sandals or high heels.
  • Wearing ankle straps will keep your pant legs out of the gears.
  • Fenders will keep dirt and mud off your clothes.