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Updated article: Original publish date 11/20/14

It's that time of year in Arizona for ATV riders to start riding again. This means trips to the dunes, the desert, and in some cases, lots of drinking to boot.

2014 for Arizona proved to be a eye opening year for ATV accident awareness when the six time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Amy Van Dyken Rouen was involved in a roll-over ATV accident. Currently bound to a wheelchair due to the accident Mrs. Van Dyken Rouen is proof to the importance of ATV safety.

According to OnSafety (CPSC), in 2014 there were 385 ATV fatalities in the United States alone. An additional 93,700 riders visited the emergency room after being involved in an accident. Many of these accidents could have been prevented.

ATV accidents, although impossible to prevent 100%, can be reduced if the proper precautions are taken. One of the most important things to remember is that drinking while operating any kind of machinery is extremely dangerous. Many riders feel that because they are out in the open and away from police, that they are not doing anything wrong. This is false. Drinking alcohol while operating or even riding as a passenger on ATV greatly increases your chance of being involved in an accident.

As for protecting your body while riding an ATV, it is extremely crucial to protect your head and face from immediate injury by wearing a helmet and goggles. To protect your body from brutality and burning, remember to wear a jumpsuit when you ride, or at the very least, long sleeves and pants.

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The good news is ATV related deaths have been decreasing year over year since 2006 and with continued education and manufacturer improvements these numbers can continue downward.

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