Injured on the Job Site?

Arizona has a large population of construction workers, independent contractors in the building industry and also contractors stationed at the numerous proving grounds and military bases throughout the state. Specifically, Yuma has a large population affected by job site injuries because it has a proving ground and multiple military bases. It is important for the hundreds of independent contractors on these proving grounds to be aware of what to do if they are injured on a job site. In many cases, the independent contractors fall under corporate liability or master liability for different states and job site injuries, making it a sticky and difficult situation to receive the compensation and rights they deserve.

Furthermore, independent contractors are commonly stationed in local cities and then contracted from larger companies or corporations based in other states, which makes it difficult for workers to understand their rights in each state. Contractors need to be aware of the fine lines in their contract and educate themselves on the workers compensation laws and liability issues.

For workers that are true "employees" obtaining compensation for job related injuries becomes much more straightforward. Most injuries that occur while "on the job" will be covered through worker's compensation. There does exist some injury claims an employee may have that would cause an employer to dispute a claim, but most are pretty common sense reasons. If you fall into the category of an employee use these steps to make the most of your claim.

3 Initial steps to take if you were an accident victim on the job

  • Seek medical treatment - It is surprising how many people avoid this step but without it maximum compensation remains much more difficult to achieve. Depending on the severity taking the appropriate action soon after the accident is imperative.
  • Notify your employer - Accurately inform the manager or supervisor of the incident with all details in writing.
  • Workers compensation request - Fill out the appropriate form for workers compensation

After the initial steps

  • Follow your doctor's instructions
  • Attend Independent Medical Examination if required
  • Go back to work when able
  • Consider hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Under the Workers’ Compensation system you are not required to have an attorney, you can represent yourself. Keep in mind, however, that the Workers’ Compensation Law is very complex and the carrier/employer will be represented by an attorney specializing in Workers’ Compensation Law.

Visit the state of Arizona's website for a full report detailing Arizona job injuries and filing for worker's compensation.