The State Bar of Arizona defines premises liability as,

“holding owners and occupiers of a property legally responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their property”.

Many people assume that the owner of a property must do everything possible to avoid a visitor from getting injured – this is not entirely true. According to ordinary care, property owners must only give the same reasonable care that an ordinary person would use given the same circumstances. Property owners are responsible for informing visitors of hidden dangers, but not obvious dangers.

Premises liability accidents occur when property owners are negligent – meaning that they either created a hazard or failed to correct an existing condition within a normal amount of time.

Although there are numerous types of premises liability accidents, the most common of all is a slip and fall accident, which can occur anywhere from a public sidewalk to an amusement park. In Arizona, accidents that occur at resorts and golf courses are not uncommon placing visitors in vulnerable situations during a vacation.

Here are some tips to avoid slip and fall accidents:

  • Immediately clean up spills of any sorts.
  • If a hazard cannot be immediately addressed, provide a clear warning until it can be.
  • Keep in mind that floors can still be slippery after cleaning up a spill and that proper signage should remain until the floors are dry.
  • Inform visitors of any concealed dangers that they may encounter while on your property.
  • Never try to hide or conceal a dangerous condition.
  • Always use common sense. Never assume that a visitor is fully aware of their surroundings and potential hazards.
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