How To Prevent Dogs from Fighting

We’ve explained in prior blogs how to prevent your dog from biting other people, and also what to do if you are bitten by a dog, but do you know how to prevent your dog from biting another dog?

Many things can cause dogs to begin fighting, such as: playing with another dog’s toys, eating another dog’s food, getting more attention than another dog, or feeling as if another dog is invading on their territory.

Depending on a dog’s training and socialization, some dogs may be more likely to become involved in a fight than others. Unfortunately, dog fights are not 100% preventable, but there are cues you can pick up on that allow you to prevent a fight from occurring.

Signs that your dog is about to attack:

  • They begin staring into the other dog’s eyes
  • Their body movements become stiff
  • They hold their tail either stiffly up or down, not wagging
  • They show their teeth and/or begin growling.

Remember these warning signs in order to be proactive and prevent a fight before it happens. It is also never too late to teach your dog proper obedience, so contact a dog trainer near you.

Here are some tips to help teach your dog not to be aggressive:

  • Take your dog to obedience school at a young age and take advantage of being around other dogs while in a safe environment. Learning commands while being surrounded by other dogs is an excellent opportunity to instill good behavior in your dog.
  • Reinforce the skills that your dog has learned in obedience school at all times, especially while walking your dog. While on a walk, be sure to keep your dog on a short leash with a choker collar and never allow them to pull on the leash.
  • Anytime that your dog shows aggressive behavior but stops immediately after they are scolded, they should be rewarded. Too often, good behavior is ignored, underestimating the impact of positive reinforcement on a dog’s future behavior.
  • If you encounter another dog while on a walk, always make your dog sit and wait for permission to greet the other dog. Teaching them that they cannot just run up and greet every dog that they see will prevent the other dogs from getting upset.

If you feel that your dog may be aggressive and you are uncomfortable with training, call a dog trainer for help. It is always better to be proactive in situations like this in order to prevent your dog from hurting another dog or person.