Safety Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Starting in 1999, Pet Sitters International has sponsored a National Take Your Dog to Work Day every June. This year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day falls on Friday, June 22nd 2018. Many people get excited to show off their dogs to their co-workers, but there are some safety tips to think of before you take your furry friend to an unfamiliar place with even more unfamiliar faces.

Bella’s House and Pet Sitting has provided some tips for safely bringing your dog to work:
  • First and foremost, only take your dog to work if they are well-trained and listen to you.
  • Consider how your dog acts around other dogs. Realize your dog may not get along with other dogs at your office.
  • Don’t assume that everyone likes your dog as much as you do. Many people are frightened by dogs, especially big ones, and are scared to speak up.
  • Don’t allow your dog to wander around your office, keep them by your desk all day to prevent them from bothering your co-workers.
  • Bring your dog’s bed to make them feel more comfortable. Also, bring along some of your dog’s favorite toys to keep them entertained.
  • Be courteous when taking your dog outside for bathroom breaks. Make sure to clean up any mess they make.

The last thing a dog owner wants to worry about is having a loved one bite and injure a co-worker. The Arizona dog bite law holds the owner liable if their dog attacks and injures someone. Doing your part to prevent this from happening by knowing the importance of socializing you dog will save a lot of headaches and potential embarrassment.

Another great piece of information that can benefit dog owners is knowing what to do after a dog bite. You never know when this can happen to a friend, family member, or yourself and having the knowledge can be essential in handling an accident with confidence.