What To Do If You Are Hit By A Vehicle While on Your Bike

Updated Article:  Original Publish Date June 19, 2012

October 1, 2016 brought another "breaking news" story of a fatal cyclist accident in Chandler. According to azcentral.com, a women died after being struck by a Toyota Scion at approximately 7:30am along with a second cyclist. It has become a "norm" to hear about bicycle - vehicle accidents, many of which are due to distracted drivers.

It is important to be aware of how to prevent car-to-bike collisions, but in the instance that an accident does occur, it is even more crucial to be informed of how to properly defend yourself. While accidents naturally result in an unpleasant state of shock for all members involved, it is most important to remember to stay calm and remain silent. Here is a list of steps to keep in mind in the case of an emergency.

1. Gather contact information from the driver.

The first and most important step to take is to ask to see the driver’s license and proof of insurance. Also, collect all contact information from any witnesses at the scene of the crime.

2. Do not communicate any emotion with the driver.

The moment a car-to-bike accident occurs, your attorney will be the point of contact for anything regarding the accident. Any discussion with the driver may be used against you, and the driver’s insurance company will attempt to find any evidence to prove you are guilty.

3. Record your side of the story.

Having your side of the story in writing immediately after the accident will ensure you are defended. It is also a good idea to record anything the driver says to you, as well as his or her appearance and car model. Many drivers initially apologize and later deny that they ever took fault for the collision or any resulted injury.

4. Contact Law Enforcement.

It is important to have an officer at the scene to record your story. While it may be obvious that it is the driver’s fault, having an officer record and attest to your story will only help your case. In most instances, the officer will interview both the bicyclist and motorist.

5. Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney.

Your attorney should be the only person you consult when filing a claim. From that point on, they will be in contact with the motorist and defend your case.

This past year, 1,434 pedacycle crashes occurred in Arizona, 28 of which resulted in fatal accidents. Contact one of our bicycle accident attorneys to ensure you, or anyone you know, are properly defended and protected.