What is Medical Payments Coverage and Do I Need It?

Medical Payment CoverageIt is easy to become confused about auto insurance details. There is some level of coverage that is actually required under the law, and there are many other types that can be added on to provide extra protection for a car insurance claim. But what coverage makes sense in your specific case? It is natural to be somewhat skeptical of the recommendations of an insurance agent, because the agent’s goal of increasing profit for his company may not align with your own goals of securing appropriate coverage at fair rates. Let's discuss "what medical payments coverage is" to determine if it is worth adding to your auto insurance policy.

What Coverage Do I Need?

At a minimum, everyone can be certain that they must secure at least the minimum requirement under state law. In Arizona, this minimal level of liability coverage is $15,000 of bodily injury for single person (and $30,000 for two people) as well as $10,000 in property damage coverage.

Of course, these minimum levels of coverage are far too minimal for most local residents. It is critical to have proper insurance to provide support for all of your losses, no matter what may strike. You insurance agent can provide details on each type of coverage (including the cost), but some of the most common include: collision insurance, uninsured motorist protection, comprehensive insurance, and gap insurance.

But believe it or not, there is actually some important coverage that your agent may not even mention to you. Most notably, it is usually very important for Arizona drivers to have “medical payments” coverage. Unfortunately, many agents mistakenly advise clients that this coverage is not needed so long as you have health insurance. But that recommendation is a mistake.

What is Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage (often referred to as Med Pay) provides support that is different than that available under regular health insurance. That is because there are various costs that you may incur related to your medical care following a car accident that actually are not covered by your regular health insurance.

More specifically, Med Pay can cover any number of immediate expenses, such as deductibles and co-pays. In addition, you may need certain procedures or health support that is not covered under your health insurance plan. Medical payments coverage can fill this gap, ensuring that you receive the treatment that you need exactly when you need it, without the stress of coming up with several thousand dollars in the immediate aftermath of an accident. The coverage usually applies no matter who causes an accident.

Med Pay is important for Arizona drivers and available for purchase by virtually all companies. But many agents will not recommend it, because it is usually not a moneymaking policy for the business. Med Pay support in the mount of $5,000 (usually sufficient for many) can often be purchased for no more than $10 every six months or so. This does not add up to massive profits for agents, but it is an affordable and prudent step for driver in the state.

Medical Payment Coverage Video

Allstate explains more about medical payment coverage.

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