Working with your insurance company after a car accident is essential to the successful completion of your case. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to communicate with the insurance adjustor working on your case after filing a car insurance claim.

At Friedl Richardson, our Phoenix car accident attorneys are committed to helping you seek compensation for your pain and suffering from a car accident. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can act as the liaison between you and your insurance company, thus allowing you to focus on the most important thing – your own recovery.

Do’s & Dont’s of Filing A Car Insurance Claim

Taking the first few steps after an automobile accident could be the hardest parts of the process, primarily because you are stepping into an unfamiliar situation. Even with our help, it’s important to following the dos and don’ts when dealing with your insurance company after an accident so you can feel fully prepared for what’s to come.

DO contact your insurance company immediately after your accident.
DON’T submit to recorded and / or written statements to your insurance adjustor; that is, not until you are confident that you fully understand the terms of your coverage policy.

DO thoroughly review the terms of your coverage policy with an attorney before speaking to your insurance agent about any further details of your accident. Important information can be found in the Coverage and Exclusion sections of your policy.
DON’T automatically accept the appraisal estimate that is provided to you by your insurer. The estimate for your losses that is given to you by the insurance company will very often be lower than the money that you are rightfully owed. You should have a lawyer review the estimate first.

DO take pictures of damage to your vehicle, personal injuries on your body, and the wreckage of the collision scene.
DON’T rely on the other driver to document the accident. Having your own evidence of the collision will be much strong in your case than any evidence provided by the other driver.

DO speak honestly to your insurance provider. Withholding any information about the hard facts of the accident could hurt your case in the end.
DON’T sign a release or waiver without first seeking legal advice from a car accident attorney.

DO recognize that there is a difference between depreciated or actual cash value and replacement coverage.
DON’T settle a personal property loss for “actual cash value” if your insurance policy offers replacement coverage.

DO follow the time limits that are enforced by your insurance company.
DON’T forget that you are in a legal contract with your insurer. This means that the insurer has an obligation to you, and that you have an obligation to your insurer.

Most importantly, do speak to a car accident lawyer about your car insurance claim as soon as possible. Involving a legal professional in the matter early on can significantly increase your likelihood of obtaining maximum compensation for your claim.

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